when the truth gets scary, i'll take my gin and sherry

Even though your point of view on this world is a few centimetres higher than mine, i now feel like you are looking down at me from somwhere above the clouds. How i used to hate it when you did that. And you crush me like a piece of paper, making me even smaller than i am. You can see through me, see all the red spots i get when i am mad, you can see them with those cold eyes of yours. Those eyes, were they always this unkind? I remember them being warm, i remember them being my source for strength, but now i think i might have been fooling myself. It seems to me like they can freeze anything they look at and i have seen them do that too many times. And this overwhelming feeling that i should say that i am sorry, but my toungue can not do it. Because it knows something i still do not believe: there is nothing to be sorry for.



The words that come out of my mouth surprise me. They sound nothing like sorry. Nothing like anything i have ever said or even would say in my normal state, but you always did know how to shake me out of that state.They sound more like something you would say. But for the first time i feel a thousand times lighter.

Your ego fed of me for way too long and tonight it died overweight.

Postet av: Jenny

Jeg blir overveldet av ditt sprk. Du skriver utrolig bra.

05.03.2009 @ 22:58
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Postet av: Lisa

Du skriver fint.

06.03.2009 @ 19:39
URL: http://llisabs.blogg.se
Postet av: supertramp

jeg liker sennepsgul.

07.03.2009 @ 08:43
Postet av: Maren

jeg likte bloggen din veldig mye. du skriver veldig bra.sv: tusen takk.

07.03.2009 @ 13:23
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Postet av: Kristin

Skal vi legge til hverandre p bloglovin? :-) Svar i kommentar p bloggen min ! www.xxkristin.blogg.no

08.03.2009 @ 18:27
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Postet av: Liridona

w- det er nesten s jeg ikke kjenner igjen bloggen (skrivemten)- major transformation siden i hst, og til det bedre I might add, men det skjnte du sikkert :) keep up the good work

09.03.2009 @ 17:20
Postet av: .

ahahha, skummelt bilde ! ser ut som du har blitt halshugd, ogs henger det smilende litt p siden. : p

09.03.2009 @ 19:20
Postet av: mima

hihi, tusen takk liri :)

09.03.2009 @ 19:42
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