Sen en tid tillbaka har jag varit tom och försökt att hitta spår som leder rätt

I have found a new place for my dreams, fantasies and wandering. Lost my way and found a magic forrest. I am surrounded by elves, trols, magicians and witches.  I kow they are there, I feel their presence, even though I  still have not seen them. It is beautiful. My own Boo'Ya Moon. Its all there. In one place. Fields of my thoughts and imagination infront of me. I collect them, sort them, rearrange and pour them out again.


The sun shines on me and the words fall down on the green grass, leaving everything sparkly and glittery. As colorful crystals they roll down the slopes and fall into the river. The river that makes life. It is beautiful. This is my new place. A place for dreams, fantasies and wandering. I am staying.


I have been reading too much Stephen King and seen Amélie one too many times.

Postet av: andrea

jeg smiler fra øre til øre:) og; too much and too many times - it's not enough:)

09.03.2009 @ 14:56
Postet av: Johanna.

fin bild!

09.03.2009 @ 15:45
Postet av: Olivia

vilken underbar blogg du har, kram!

09.03.2009 @ 19:48
Postet av: gnistregn

sv: åh, takk, så bra! nå ble jeg også glad :]

09.03.2009 @ 22:55
Postet av: AudM


10.03.2009 @ 11:08

Tell me all about it:

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