her heart beats for you

...there lives her anxiety and her courage. Underneath that white blouse. Underneath her chest, this fragile, but practical heart is beating. There is her internal light, that has turned into a pink-like color, sparkling, flickering. A light that her blood is spreading all around her body, causing fireflies in her stomach and her cheeks to blush. She has always been able to explain everything, but those lights, they could not be explained. Perhaps that is why she is so afraid of them.


The reason why she could not say those three words, is not because she did not feel them. But she knew that the moment she did, it would not be the start of something, it would be the end.

she pours herself some tea, filled with suger, milk and truth.

Drinking tea, pouring suger in it like a a desperate man who has found water in the Sahara. Wondering when everything else got so sour, that this white sand is sweetest thing in my life.